A Word from Past President, Dr. Michael W. Roberts, DDS

Posted: 7/21/2015

It was my good fortune and honor to be elected as a Director, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) in 1993. I continued to serve in that capacity through 2000 and was the President from 1999-2000. Having the opportunity to serve our specialty and the public who depended upon us to assure them that those who became Diplomates of the ABPD had met the highest standards of knowledge and clinical care skills was the highlight of my professional career.

There were individual and organizational challenges that the ABPD had to address, especially the year that I served as President. However, I was very pleased that the Directors and professional staff met them with dignity and ethical responses, and embraced the highest standards expected of us.

To work with the other elected Directors of the ABPD and with Dr. James Roche, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, was very stimulating and intellectually rewarding. Each Director and Dr. Roche brought their expertise and commitment to honoring the values described in our mission statement. All of these individuals became and remain life-long friends for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration.


Michael W. Roberts - Board Certified 1974

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