A Word from Past President, Dr. Gary R. Badger, DDS

Posted: 8/19/2015

As a member of the Board of Examiners (directors) of ABPD, the lasting memories is of the lasting relationships with other Board members. After the many years that have past, it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary in Seattle along with the many friends from the years on the Board. Along with the Board, it has been a pleasure to see many of the examinees move upward in their careers. The current President of the AAPD was a person I was privileged to perform his site visit.

The relationship with the executive directors Jim Roche, Art Nowak and Jeff Dean has been very enjoyable. To be able to work with, and call friends, these stellar colleagues has been a pleasure and to learn from them.

Finally, a small anecdote about myself and Art Mourino. I at the time, I was in the Army Dental Corps and we had been using the early form of e-mail. At the board meeting, I attempted to introduce this method of communication for the Board to use to speed up our process and save the large amount of paper we used. Art listened to what I had to say about this new technology and he stated something like: “It’ll never last”!

What great memories and friends…it has been a privilege and a joy. Thanks my friends.

Gary Badger
Board Certified - 1980

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