A Word from Past President, Dr. Elizabeth S. Barr, DMD

Posted: 8/24/2015

I was nominated for a position as Director in 1989 along with Dr. Dianne Dilley. The academy felt it was time to have a woman on a Specialty Board since no female had ever served as a Director on any of the Boards. I was quite surprised and, in a sense sad, that I won as Dianne is a very intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable person whom I respected a great deal.

I served a 7 year term at a time there was no email, no Advisory Committee and the process was being streamlined to eliminate the Case History and Site Visit. The seven of us wrote every exam, conducted every site visit and Oral Exam and reviewed every Case History. I worked daily on some related Board topic.

The responsibilities, exposure to many colleagues and the honor of serving with the best minds in our specialty was the reward. I learned an enormous amount that was invaluable in my career as a privately practicing pediatric dentist. I have the highest respect for everyone involved in the certification process especially the extraordinary people who are and have been Directors and those who have served as the Executive Director. We are indebted to their sacrifices that make our specialty one that is highly regarded by the profession and the public.


Elizabeth S. Barr
Board Certified - 1984

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