Announcement of Exciting ABPD Transitions

Posted: 11/5/2015

It's our pleasure to write to you today about some exciting transitions that your American Board of Pediatric Dentistry will be experiencing over the next few months. As you know, we have experienced tremendous growth in the number of board certified pediatric dentists over the last decade to now having over 70% of those eligible being board certified, with hopes of reaching over 90% within the next few years.

With our Diplomate numbers now swelling over 4,000, we will be taking advantage of some transitions at headquarters in order to continue to provide the high level of service and dedication that you should expect from us. One of the major changes coming up is that our long time Chief Operations Officer, Linda Sojka, will be retiring at the end of next year. In addition, our office lease in Iowa City expires next Spring. With these significant two changes coming up, and after considerable and careful analysis of multiple options, the board has unanimously approved the selection of an association management company, Parthenon Management Group, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, to assist our staff leadership team as we continue to maintain the culture of excellence at headquarters. Parthenon is an AMC Institute accredited company, one of only 81 accredited in the entire country, and its location, staff, corporate culture and client base best matched our headquarter needs. This change will be effective January 1, 2016.

As a board we are very excited about this new opportunity and we are certain that you will be too. Please be assured that we expect the same high level of service and caring to continue in this new operational model that you have come to expect over the years. In addition, we hope to experience cost efficiencies and an even higher level of service in this new operational model that the Board will use to the benefit of you, our stakeholders. Rest assured, stability will continue at headquarters, as Jasey Hildreth will stay on as our Chief Assessment Officer and Jeff Dean will continue as our Chief Executive Officer. However, Heidi Fisher has already taken this opportunity to accept another position of employment in Iowa City and Tammy Anson stepped down earlier this month.
We hope you will join us in embracing our new team and wanted to make sure you were aware of it. For the time being though, please continue to contact the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry headquarters at our current phone number, website, email addresses and Iowa City mailing address that you have been using over the past years until we notify you further. Please join us over the next year in celebrating Linda's retirement and welcoming our new staff transitions as we move into the future!

Cynthia L. Hipp, DDS, MSCR

Jeffrey A. Dean, DDS, MSD, CAE
Chief Executive Officer

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