Continuing Education

Posted: 7/13/2016

Are you a Diplomate wondering where to find acceptable Continuing Education (CE) credits?

CE credits can be acquired by the CE providers listed below or search for CE providers approved by The Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition (CCEPR), an agency of the American Dental Association:

Want to know how to enter your CE credits in our Database?

Follow these steps to enter your CE credits:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your ABPD account.
  3. From the “Welcome Page” you will see a green button that says 'Go to ROC-P'.
  4. Select that button and it will direct you to your ROC-P Dashboard.
  5. Click on the 'Add/View/Edit' button under Continuing Education.
  6. Enter your course details.

What is the time frame for CE to be completed?

The CE timeline runs January 1 - November 30 annually. 

How can I acquire CE?

Below are established limits on various activities:

  1. Attendance (Live or Online) at a continuing education course related to the clinical aspect of pediatric dentistry.
  2. Scientific presentations whose content deals with clinical dentistry and is applicable to pediatric dental care.
  3. Attendance from a course whose content is associated with pediatric healthcare such as PALS or infection control Pediatric Medical Update.
  4. Participation in an online or other multi-media course whose content deals with clinical dentistry and is applicable to pediatric dental care or is associated with pediatric healthcare.
  5. Ten hours of CE are awarded annually by completing ABPD's Renewal of Certification (ROC) examination.
  6. Five hours of CE are awarded annually by participating in a publication applicable to pediatric dentistry as primary or contributing author in a peer reviewed journal, book or monograph.
  7. Teaching clinical dentistry: 4+ days/week: 10 hours; 2-3 days/week: 4 hours; and 2 days/week: 2 hours.

Additional Continuing Education Details...

  • The board requires 15 hours of CE annually. This requirement is in place to encourage lifelong learning, continuing scholarship and improvement.
  • The CE credit must be directly related to the clinical aspect of pediatric dentistry to count towards your annual requirements. ABPD does not accept business or marketing related courses to fulfill this requirement.
  • CE credit can not be carried over from a previous year and must be taken between January 1-November 30 of the renewal year.
  • You must complete these hours by November 30th.

Call the Headquarters staff at 1-800-410-1250 if you need help and we are happy to assist you!

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