A word from the chair of the Oral Clinical Examination Jeffrey C. Mabry

Posted: 7/22/2016

The Oral Clinical Examination (OCE) 2016 is just around the corner on September 19-22. Although there is no standard method to prepare for the OCE, here are a few suggestions:


Review the resources on the ABPD website by selecting the Candidates tab and clicking on Oral Clinical Examination:

Review suggested Resources/References:

Suggested Preparation:

Try to approach the OCE like it is “just another day in your office”.  For two hours, you will be evaluating multiple patients, each with a unique dental problem.  Use a systematic approach.  Be confident.  Be concise and to the point.  There will be chair-side interactions with patients, discussions with parents, directions to your dental staff and consultations with medical professionals…just like in your office!


The keys to success: Prepare…Stay Relaxed…Stay Focused…Keep Positive!


Final positive thoughts:

#1: Examiners want your optimum performance

#2: There is flexibility in an oral exam (unlike a written exam)

#3: It does not have to be perfect

#4: Positive statistics

Best of luck to all!


Jeffrey C. Mabry

Chair, Oral Clinical Examination

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