2016 - A year of Transitions and Opportunities for ABPD

Posted: 9/21/2016

It’s my pleasure to update you about some exciting transitions that American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) has experienced over the last year or so.  We have experienced tremendous growth in the number of board certified pediatric dentists over the last decade to now having over 72% of those eligible being board certified. 


Headquarters Change:

With the numbers of our Diplomates increasing and the upcoming retirement of our long time Chief Operating Officer, Linda Sojka, the board carefully analyzed multiple options to continue to maintain our culture of excellence. The board unanimously approved the selection of an association management company, Parthenon Management Group, to assist staff leadership in our commitment to a high quality certification process.


Of course, Jeff Dean continues as our Chief Executive Officer and Jasey Bratek continues as Chief Assessment Officer. Linda Sojka now serves as our Executive Advisor and Christine Sharp was hired in late January as Chief Operating Office in anticipation of Linda's retirement on December 31, 2016.


As a board we are committed to provide the same high level of service and care that you have come to expect over the years and are very excited about this new opportunity.


Strategic Plan:

As part of ABPD’s strategic plan (see webpage https://www.abpd.org/Content/Who-We-Are/Mission-Vision.aspx) and our commitment to a high quality certification process, we review and periodically revise our strategic plan to help maintain consistency between ABPD’s efforts and stated goals, mission, vision and core values.




Increase collaboration and relationship building with related organizations, boards and other stakeholders.

High-Quality Certification Process

Ensure the credibility and integrity of the continuous certification process.

Effective and Sustainable Organization

Strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of ABPD and its governance.


Certification Process Analysis:

The ABPD’s quest for excellence is evidenced in its rigorous evaluation process and in new initiatives undertaken that not only continually improve the standards of its certification but also advance the science, education, study and practice of pediatric dentistry.


In order to produce valid and relevant certification/recertification processes, the ABPD annually consults experts within and beyond our specialty, confers with other dental and medical specialty boards, surveys stakeholders, and modifies our examinations.


Consequent to our Educational Consultant Report in 2015, ABPD engaged in a Practice Analysis, through Castle Worldwide, Inc., to help in the development of a revised framework for our examinations.


This examination development process ensures that examination content:

· Is related and relevant to the practice or discipline

· Covers areas where knowledge is needed to effectively perform the job

· Reliably produces consistent and stable results



Examination Committee Restructure: Another strategic initiative has been the restructuring of the Examination Subcommittees (see webpage https://www.abpd.org/Content/Who-We-Are/Examination-Committee.aspx).


The board voted to eliminate the category of Consultant, one who assisted with the administering of the Oral Clinical Examination (OCE). It was determined that all future Examiners for the OCE will be current or past subcommittee members of the Examination Committee (or a past member of the Advisory Council) who have served a minimum of 3 years on any of the subcommittees. The Examination Subcommittees continue to be made up of pediatric dentists from diverse backgrounds who represent contemporary practice and who are knowledgeable about evidenced-based practice affecting children’s oral health.


While we’ve seen many accomplishments over the last 75 years, a special thank you to all of you for helping to optimize our process as we work to improve the oral health of the children that we serve. It was my pleasure to serve as the Board’s President last year and I look forward to watching as our new Board continues to advance our process!

Pediatric Dentistry Today, September 2016

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