ABPD Overview Session Recap

Posted: 6/30/2017

Do you have questions about the Qualifying Examination, Oral Clinical Examination or ROC-P Process? We have answers.

On Saturday, May 27, ABPD hosted the Overview Session. ABPD applicants and candidates learned about the examinations and asked ABPD Directors questions regarding the different examinations. Below is the information regarding each examination and answers to questions posed by fellow applicants and candidates.

Qualifying Examination (QE)

Oral Clinical Examination (OCE)

The purpose of the Oral Clinical Examination (OCE) is to enable the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical care.

Question and Answer Portion of the Overview Session:

Q: What happens when you become board certified?
Diplomates must complete the Renewal of Certification-Process (ROC-P) requirements annually by November 30th. For more information, visit our Renewal of Certification-Process webpage.

Q:  What attire does ABPD recommend for the Oral Clinical Examination?

A:  ABPD recommends business attire for candidates.

Q: Will there be a break during the 1st and 2nd room to use the restroom?
A: There is not a scheduled break; however, you can go during the first and second hours of the examination as the examiners change. Please keep in mind the exam clock is still running, the examiners will do their best to get you on track.

Q: Who decides what a conflict is, the examiner or candidate?
A: Both. Prior to the examination all examiners review candidate photos and select candidates in which a conflict may exist. Each candidate will be asked prior to beginning the examination if they have conflict with the examiner before them.

Q: If you are unsuccessful in the OCE, can you take it the next year?
A: Yes, a candidate can take the OCE again the next year. A candidate must successfully pass both the QE and OCE within five years.

Q: How long do the results take?
A: Results are usually available within 6-8 weeks.

Q: Do you receive detailed results or just a pass/fail score?
A: The results are in the form of pass/fail.  Additionally, you will receive a quintile ranking that reflects your performance across topic areas relative to the other examinees.

Q: Are there sample vignettes available to candidates?
A: ABPD does not supply sample vignettes. Visit www.abpd.org to take advantage of the resources listed on ABPD’s website.

Q: When do I start ROC-P?
A: After you become certified you will be automatically enrolled the following January.

Q: For the annual CE requirement, can I roll hours over from year to year?
A:  APBD requires all Time Limited Diplomates to self-report 15 CE hours annually. Hours from previous years cannot be carried over.

Q: What happens if I do not renew my Diplomate status annually?
A: You will become inactivated and you will need to contact headquarters.

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