Hoping For A Miracle

Posted: 11/1/2017

The past months have been a whirlwind of natural and man-made disasters. Fires raged in the west while hurricanes pummeled the south. A magnitude 4.9 earthquake hit Mexico and a deranged gunman shot into the Route 91 Harvest festival, killing 58 individuals and wounding 489. Through each disaster and tragedy, we have watched and waited with a broken heart, hoping for a miracle. During the Oral Clinical Examination, we know many of our Diplomates and Candidates were affected by these disasters. While it is difficult to determine the number of Diplomates affected on the mainland, our thoughts are with the roughly one dozen Diplomates and Candidates in Puerto Rico.

We live in a time where we tend to focus on the bad, not always seeing the miracles for what they are. The outpouring of love from across not just our great nation, but across the world, is astounding. The thousands who left their homes to help rebuild communities after each natural disaster and the individuals willing to give up their lives to save another person are great demonstrations of sacrifice. ABPD Pediatric Dentists who dedicate their lives providing high quality oral health care to children are miracles and the innocence of every child a pediatric dentist treats is hope, for they are our future.

Each act of kindness and love is a miracle. As we mourn our losses and remember those no longer with us, we stand together. It is through this unity that we will reemerge, stronger than we were before.

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