ABPD Diplomate, Dr. Joanne Oppenheim, Volunteers in Ghana

Posted: 1/31/2018

In July 2017, Dr. Joanne Oppenheim’s daughter was participating in an internship at a school in Ghana, Africa. Dr. Oppenheim was surprised to learn that none of the 200+ children in the school went to the dentist. Knowing the children’s diet was high in sugar, Dr. Oppenheim made the decision to donate her time and resources to fly to Ghana.

Two weeks later Dr. Oppenheim and her husband flew to Ghana to perform over 200 dental exams on the children and teachers. They donated toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste, reviewed OHI and diet. After confirming which children would need additional care, they connected with the local hospital dentist, discussed Silver Diamine Fluoride and left samples. A visit to Smile Train, an international children's charity with a sustainable approach to cleft lip and palate, and then to the home of a baby who had just undergone cleft palate surgery concluded their visit.

Dr. Oppenheim has been a Diplomate of ABPD since September of 2010 and has a practice in Chicago, IL. She describes this experience as amazing. The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry would like to thank Dr. Oppenheim for giving back and for sharing her story with us. For questions regarding how you can help, please visit Smile Train or contact ABPD Headquarters at info@abpd.org.

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