Delinquency in the Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P)

Posted: 3/20/2019

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) values a commitment to lifelong learning and a Diplomate's desire to practice pediatric dentistry at the highest level.  

The Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) is an important and critical step in your board certification. 
Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding the process, completion and delinquency in ROC-P. 

What is ROC-P?
ROC-P is a continuous, rolling process that is designed to meet rapidly changing science and technology head on, assisting Diplomates to provide the highest quality healthcare to patients. All requirements are due annually by November 30th and detailed information regarding the requirements can be found here.    

What happens if I don't complete my ROC-P requirements by the deadline?
Any Diplomate not fulfilling all annual requirements will be placed inactive and will be required to reactivate their status and pay a $500.00 reactivation fee.

If I fail to complete my ROC-P requirements a second time, what happens to my board certification?
Your board certification will be inactive on the first delinquency. If you fail to reactivate your status or become delinquent a second time, you forfeit your Diplomate certification. You would need to reinstate your certification by contacting ABPD Headquarters.

What are the steps to reinstatement my board certification?
Diplomates who forfeit their certification and wish to become certified again must successfully complete the Oral Clinical Examination, including all fees.

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