ABPD Certification Overview Session Recap

Posted: 7/19/2019

On Saturday, May 25, the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) hosted a Certification Overview Session in Chicago, IL in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's (AAPD) Annual Session. ABPD Applicants, Candidates and Diplomates learned about the certification process and had the opportunity to ask questions to the ABPD Directors regarding the different examinations. Below is the information regarding each examination and answers to questions posed by fellow Applicants, Candidates and Diplomates.

Qualifying Examination (QE)

Oral Clinical Examination (OCE)

Renewal of Certification Examination (ROC)

Question and Answer Portion of the Certification Overview Session:

Q: What is the time frame to complete board certification?

A: A Candidate has five years from the date of taking their initial Qualifying Examination, regardless of outcome, to complete the certification process. If certification is not achieved during the assigned period, Candidacy status is terminated, and Qualifying Examination results are forfeited.


Q:  What attire does ABPD recommend for the Oral Clinical Examination?

A:  ABPD recommends business attire for Candidates. Temperature varies at the testing center; therefore, ABPD recommends dressing accordingly.


Q: When should I arrive at my hotel for the Oral Clinical Examination?

A: You do not have to be onsite more than one day, but ABPD recommends that you give yourself time to acclimate and try to eliminate distractions during your stay in Dallas.


Q: Will there be a break during the 1st and 2nd room to use the restroom?
 There is not a scheduled break; however, you may use the restroom during the first and second hours of the examination as the examiners change. Please keep in mind the exam clock is still running.  


Q: What is a conflict and who decides what a conflict is, the examiner or Candidate?
 Conflicts arise when an Examiner and a Candidate are friends, partners, faculty at the same program, etc.

Prior to the examination all Examiners review Candidate photos and select Candidates in which a conflict may exist. Each Candidate will be asked prior to beginning the examination if they have conflict with the Examiners.  


Q: Can I ask the examiners questions during the OCE?
 Yes, if something is unclear you can ask questions.


Q: Should I take notes during the OCE?
 Yes, there will be supplies for you to take notes during the examination. The notes will be left at the testing center and you will not be allowed to take them with you. ABPD recommends you use notes to organize your thoughts, but remember the exam is timed.

Q: What are some helpful tips for communication during the OCE?
 Maintain eye contact with the Examiners when answering questions. Listen to the question in full before answering the question. Remember the details, if you didn’t say it, it didn’t happen.


Q: What advise would you give me when studying for the OCE?

A: This is an oral examination. Work with program directors, colleagues and other pediatric dentists to create mock exams and become comfortable with your responses.


Q: If I forget part of my answer during a case at the OCE, can I go back?

A: Yes, however, once the Examiner scores you they do not alter the score. If a question builds on a diagnosis, the Examiners will give you the diagnosis in order to move forward.


Q: Are there OCE sample vignettes available to Candidates?
 ABPD does not  provide sample vignettes.


Q: How long do the test results take receive?
 The results for the QE and OCE are usually available within 6-8 weeks.


Q: Do you receive detailed results or just a pass/fail score?
 The results are in the form of pass/fail.  Additionally, you will receive a quintile ranking for the QE and OCE that reflects your performance across topic areas relative to the other Examinees.


Q: If you are unsuccessful in the OCE, can you take it the next year?
 Yes, a Candidate can take the OCE again the next year. A Candidate must successfully pass both the QE and OCE within five years.


Q: What happens when you become board certified?
After you become board certified, you will be automatically enrolled in the Renewal of Certification-Process. Diplomates must complete the ROC-P requirements annually by November 30th.


Q: For the annual CE requirement, can I roll hours over from year to year?
  ABPD requires all Time Limited Diplomates to self-report 15 CE hours annually. Hours from previous years cannot be carried over.


Q: Does ABPD award Continuing Education?

A: Yes! ABPD was granted Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) provider status by the ADA Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition (CCEPR). Successful completion of the ROC Exam allocates 10 CE hours and each Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module will award one CE hour. 


Q: What happens if I do not renew my Diplomate status and complete all requirements annually?
 You will become inactivated and you will need to contact headquarters.  


Q: Is it a requirement to take a Comprehensive Review Course every ten years?

A: No. The ABPD no longer requires a Comprehensive Review Course every ten years. 

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