2020 QE Updated Process

2020 Qualifying Examination Process Update

ABPD is pleased to announce the 2020 QE has been rescheduled for August 19, 2020.  

ABPD has carefully investigated options for the delivery of the 2020 QE. With the uncertainty of the global pandemic, social distancing requirements and other restrictions, outlined below you will see the two different delivery options: 

1. Live Online Proctoring (LoP) – ABPD has partnered with Scantron/Examinty to allow candidates to complete the examination from a remote location, such as your home or office, using your own computer and a stable internet connection.   
2. Scantron Network of Testing Centers – This option is your traditional testing center option with a different network of test centers.  Click here to search by location; availability may be limited with social distancing requirements of 50% capacity.  

General FAQs

How do I choose my method of test administration?
You will receive a registration email no later than July 1, 2020.  The email will provide step-by-step instructions to register for the examination.  During the registration process you will select your either testing center or Live Online Proctoring.

My schedule does not allow for me to take the examination on August 19th, what are my options?
If you are unable to take the examination on August 19th, you can cancel your participation in the 2020 QE and defer to 2021; please email Headquarters at info@abpd.org. You may cancel and received a full refund up until July 15, 2020.

Live Online Proctoring FAQ

How do I learn more about Live Online Proctoring (LoP)?  
Click here to learn more about the process.  

What are the technical system requirements that are required to take the examination remotely?
Click here to review the system requirements

Can I run system check prior to the examination day?

Yes, we recommend all candidates complete a system check in advance to ensure the computer and hardware is up to the requirements.  Click here to test your system, please understand that it will be important to complete this test with the computer you intend to use and in the location you plan to take the examination.   

What should I do if, I am unable to be in a private room alone to take the examination? 
In order to ensure the security of the examination test takers taking the examination through LoP must be in a distraction free room alone.  Multiple people in one room will not be permitted.  If you are unable to locate a private room for your examination, you will need to schedule your examination at a testing center.  

How can I experience the testing environment of LoP in advance in advance to ensure I will feel comfortable?  
We encourage all candidates to take a sample test prior to the day of the examination.
Click here to take the sample test that will demonstrate the Scantron testing environment. We also encourage you to review the testing instructions ahead of time.

What if I am uncomfortable giving Scantron/Examity access to my computer?   

The online proctoring platform is secure. It is necessary for proctors to take control of the computer so that they may log the candidate in to the exam. They will not access any other function of the computer that is not directly related to the security of the exam. Please click here to review the Examity privacy policy.
If you do not feel comfortable with granting access you may choose to schedule your examination at a testing center.  

Will I be able to take a break during the examination period?
Breaks are typically not permitted for LOP exams with shorter time periods. However, the ABPD has chosen to allow one break due to the length of the 4-hour examination.

When the exam begins, a timer will be set for 4 hours. Part 1 of the examination will consist of the first 100 questions. Once Part 1 is completed and submitted, examinees have the option to take a ten minute break. The time is stopped during this break period. Once the examinee returns, Part 2 of the exam will begin and the timer will start again and the remaining time from Part 1 will carry over. Examinees will not have access to any questions from Part 1 after the scheduled break.

During the examination can I use scratch paper?
Unfortunately, candidates will not be able to use scratch paper to take notes during the exam for security purposes.

What are some of the security measures in place for the LOP exam?
Examity will take several security measures with each examinee including a candidate ID check at the beginning of the exam, a room scan, login procedures, observation during test administration, video and audio recording of the testing session, monitoring of the candidate’s computer during test administration, ability for the proctor to communicate with candidates if the proctor needs to correct improper behavior, ability to stop the examination if the candidate does not correct improper behavior.

Testing Center FAQ

I would like to take my examination at the testing center and previously registered with a testing center, do I need to do anything?
Yes, ABPD has contracted with a new network of testing centers.  You will need to complete the registration process and select a new center.  Please understand availability may be limited with social distancing requirements in place.