Examination Results Appeal

Examination Results Appeal Form

Conditions for an Examination Appeal

Examination Results Appeal Form is used to appeal an examination decision and must be filed with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry within 30 days of the date on the notification letter. Appeal Form must be submitted with appropriate fee.

Extension of Candidacy Appeal

Extension of Candidacy Appeal Form

To apply for an extension of eligibility the Extension of Candidacy Form must be filed prior to lapse of eligibility.  The period of eligibility for completing the ABPD certification process may be extended by the Board, upon written request.  A candidate who wishes to extend their candidacy term must submit the appeal in writing 30 days prior to their candidacy expiration date.  Upon submission, a candidate must confirm receipt of documentation by ABPD Headquarters.

The Extension of Candidacy Form should be submitted to Headquarters along with documentation to support the request for extension due to enrollment in a full-time advanced education program includes and extension of eligibility due to enrollment in an accredited training program will not be applied retroactive.
  • Letter from program director confirming enrollment date and anticipation program completion date.
  • Annual confirmation of continuing enrollment if program is greater than twelve (12) months duration.
Documentation to support the request for extension of Candidacy (noted above) due to medical disabilities includes:
  • A letter from the attending physician (on professional letterhead with original signature) indicating the medical diagnosis and rationale that precludes participation in a scheduled examination (i.e., documentation of disability), as well as the anticipated date the candidate can resume normal activities.
  •  Resubmission of the request form with supporting letter if the disability continues beyond twelve (12) month duration.
All ABPD annual requirements will remain in effect during the period of candidacy extension.  There will be no grace year allowed.  Any candidate who wishes to extend candidacy for reasons not included in this policy may request an extension through the appeals process.

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