Board Candidacy

Application Process

(Former Candidates who want to reactivate need to call ABPD Headquarters at 1-800-410-1250.)


NOTE: For items 1, 2, and 3 the pediatric dentist MUST provide evidence of an active license with expiration date, a faculty permit, a faculty limited license, or an international dental license to engage in the practice and/or teaching of pediatric dentistry and a copy of the certification of completion of the training program.

The documents must be included with the application for Board Candidacy and a completed Credentialing Survey following the first Qualifying Examination.  Individuals have until November 30th annually to submit the Board Candidate application or risk forfeiture of results.

A Candidate has five years from the date of taking their initial Qualifying Examination, regardless of outcome, to complete the certification process. If certification is not achieved during the assigned period, Candidacy status is terminated and Qualifying Examination results are forfeited.