Definition - Candidate

Who is a Candidate?

Candidate is a pediatric dentist who:

A Candidate is an individual who is actively pursuing certification. Candidate status is maintained annually by completing and submitting their Annual Credentials online. Failure to complete will result in loss of Candidate status. Candidate status can be regained by completion of the reactivation process.

A Candidate has five years from the date of taking their initial Qualifying Examination, regardless of outcome, to complete the certification process. If certification is not achieved during the assigned period Candidacy status is terminated and Qualifying Examination results are forfeited.

The period of Candidacy for completion of the ABPD examination may be extended by the Board upon written request by the Candidate using the Appeal Form that is found on the website. Extensions will only be considered if the Candidate is pursuing additional education/training in an accredited program or in situations of documented medical disability and/or special circumstances. Inability of the Candidate to meet examination requirements is not grounds for extension.

Board Candidate is an administrative designation used by the Board to classify pediatric dentists who have voluntarily submitted their credentials for verification and are in the certification process. It should NOT be used as a promotion by the pediatric dentist on stationery, business cards, office brochures, or websites.