Renewal of Certification Exam

Renewal of Certification Examination Overview

Evidence of cognitive expertise based on performance on an examination is a requirement of Time-limited Diplomates in the Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) and is satisfied by the completion of the Renewal of Certification Examination.

The exam link will appear on your ROC-P dashboard January 1st of your 10th year. The examination may be taken as often as needed, but must be successfully completed prior to November 30 of that year. 
The examination is a requirement for Renewal of Certification and failure to successfully complete it by the deadline will result in a inactivation of Diplomate status.  

Once the ROC examination is successfully completed, the exam will automatically record as "Complete" in the Exam History and Results section, and 10 hours of Continuing Education will be awarded in the Diplomate's transcript.

Below is a list of references used for the examination.  All content is taken from the reference's current edition.