Renewal of Certification Exam

Renewal of Certification Examination Overview

Evidence of cognitive expertise based on performance on an examination is a requirement of Time-limited Diplomates in the Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) and is satisfied by the completion of the Renewal of Certification Examination.

Part 3 on your "My Portfolio" page provides information on your examination status and deadline to complete the examination. Once the ROC examination is successfully completed, the ‘Status’ line in Part 3 will be automatically recorded as ‘Complete’, the date of completion recorded, as well as the date for the next examination

Successful completion of the examination is based on 80% correct answers. If unsuccessful, the Diplomate must contact Headquarters. The examination may be taken as often as needed, but must be successfully completed prior to the ten-year deadline.

The exam link will appear on your ROC-P dashboard January 1st of your 10th year.

If not completed during the 48 hours the Diplomate will be required to contact Headquarters to have their examination restarted.

Diplomates may use any study materials necessary in order to complete the examination, but they may not consult with any individuals concerning the examination. Upon successful completion of the examination, the Diplomate is awarded 10 Continuing Education Hours that will be recorded in your transcript. 

Because the examination is a requirement for ROC-P, failure to successfully complete the examination by the date of expiration on the time-limited certificate will affect your participation in ROC-P and certification.

Below is a list of references used for the examination.  All content is taken from the references current edition.