Join the Directors and Staff of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) in congratulating Dr. Marcio Guelmann for being selected as the Chair of the Oral Clinical Examination (OCE) Subcommittee. Dr. Guelmann took and successfully passed the very first OCE in 2006. Since then, he has been involved on every level possible as Consultant, Examiner, Subcommittee Member, Part Leader and now Chair embracing the roles of everyone involved in the process. Beyond extensive experience and expertise in all the domains, Dr. Guelmann possesses a genuine passion to serve the mission of the ABPD and the children we all treat. Everyone that was or is currently involved with the OCE thoroughly enjoys working with Dr. Guelmann. “Dr. Guelmann is an incredibly knowledgeable and organized natural leader. He is excited to continue to refine the OCE and motivates everyone on his subcommittee by leading through example and communicating clear expectations. He is such an asset to ABPD…” reports ABPD Director and OCE Board Liaison, Dr. E. LaRee Johnson.

Dr. Guelmann received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1984 from Federal University of Parana in Brazil. He then attended post-graduate studies at the Hebrew University in Israel before going into private practice for eight years. After completing a fellowship at the University of Florida (UF) in 2000, he joined the faculty. At UF, Dr. Guelmann has served many roles and led multiple committees. Since 2004, he has served as the Chair of Pediatric Dentistry leading the creation, development and implementation of the satellite Naples Pediatric Dentistry Residency that received full accreditation in 2009. Dr. Guelmann is a proud father and grandfather and despite his productive professional life, always makes time to spend with his family.