ABPD Renewal of Certification Process

ABPD values a diplomate’s desire to practice pediatric dentistry at the highest level and their commitment to constantly reevaluate their practices considering the most recent scientific evidence.

To achieve the lifelong learning goal, ABPD developed the Renewal of Certification Process. Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) is a continuous, rolling process documenting achievement in four critical areas of pediatric dentistry. Completion of the four areas is required of Time-limited diplomates and on a voluntary basis for Unlimited and Life diplomates, designated "Unlimited-P" or "Life-P." ROC-P is designed to meet rapidly changing science and technology head on, assisting diplomates to provide the highest quality healthcare to patients.

The requirements cycle is December 1 - November 30 annually. All requirements are due annually by November 30.

Annual Requirements

  1. Annual Diplomate Renewal (ADR) - Professional Standing  ​​
    • ADR is composed of: Attestation, ADR Fee, and a Credentialing Survey
  2. Continuing Education - Lifelong learning, continuing scholarship, and improvement
    • 15 Continuing Education (CE) hours required annually. CE must be related to the clinical aspect of pediatric dentistry. CE guidelines may be found here
  3. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) modules
    • 2 web-based modules required annually. Each CQI module counts as 1 hour of CE Credit.

10-year Requirement

  1. Renewal of Certification Examination 
    • Examination due every ten years

A diplomate who completes each requirement of the ROC-P by the annual deadline of November 30 will remain in good standing with ABPD and will be considered Active. Any diplomate not fulfilling all annual requirements including having an active dental license will be placed inactive until all requirements have been met. 

To review Diplomate Annual Renewal policies, click here.