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Continuous Quality Improvement Modules (CQI's) 

  • Online self-study modules 
  • Over 75 modules available
  • Required to successfully complete 2 CQI's annually by November 30
  • Completion of a CQI awards 1 CE hour to diplomate's transcript

What to Expect

CQI modules are online modules located in a diplomate's online portal.  

A diplomate is required to successfully complete 2 CQI's annually by November 30. When available all modules will provide a direct link to the reference, some modules may contain a references that require a Diplomate to purchase the reference.   

A diplomate may complete as many CQI's as needed annually, each CQI awards 1 hour CE to a diplomates transcript and will be applied towards the 15 hour CE requirement.  


Are you new to the CQI modules?

Learn what other diplomates are saying about the modules.

I find this learning experience very valuable, and like the easy access.

This is great to do every year - helps to stay up to date!

I really like this format! Thank you for all the time that contributors devote to making these modules available to us!