Continuing Education shows evidence of a diplomate's commitment to lifelong learning, continuing scholarship, and improvement.   

Diplomates are required to complete 15 hours of Continuing Education (CE) that is related to the clinical aspect of pediatric dentistry each year into their online portal.  To satisfy this requirement a diplomate must participate and self-report 15 CE hours between December 1 - November 30 on an annual basis.  Hours can not be carried over from year to year. 
Hours entered into the system will be assigned to one of the two categories:
  1. Continuing Education hours related to clinical dentistry and applicable to pediatric dental care or education associated with pediatric healthcare.
  2. Continuing Education hours not related to clinical dentistry nor associated to pediatric healthcare., i.e. Business Management courses. These hours will not count toward the 15 required. However, they may be entered for record-keeping purposes.
The Board has established guidelines on the number of hours awarded for various activities, see guidelines below. 

Continuing Education Guidelines

  • Attendance (Live or Online) at a continuing education course related to the clinical aspect of pediatric dentistry = Contact Hours
  • Scientific presentations whose content deals with clinical dentistry and is applicable to pediatric dental care = Contact Hours
  • Participation in an online or other multi-media courses whose content deals with clinical dentistry and is applicable to pediatric dental care = Contact Hours
  • Completion of the ROC examination = 10 hours annually
  • Publication applicable to pediatric dentistry as primary or contributing author in a peer-reviewed journal, book, or monograph = 5 hours annually
  • PALS or CPR Courses = Contact Hours
  • Teaching clinical dentistry
    • • 4+ days/week = 10 hours
    • • 2-3 days/week = 4 hours
    • • <2 days/week=  2 hours

The general rule of thumb is that any course related to clinical practice is acceptable. Other acceptable subjects are patient record keeping, risk management, communication, and OSHA regulations. Hours awarded for the satisfactory completion of any course can only be used in the cycle they were awarded.

*The number of hours awarded for each course usually depends on the length of the course. For example, participants at a three-hour course usually receive three hours of credit.