ABPD is proud to recognize all who participate in and successfully complete our examinations. 

Passing the Qualifying Examination (QE) is the first part of the process for initial board certification.  We would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to these 2021 Candidates for their hard work and achievement.

Mariam Alkheder
Redlands, CA | Loma Linda University

Rajveer Bal
Bellerose, NY | Howard University

Veronica Brandley
Glenside, PA | NYU Langone

Natalia Caballero Marrero
Jacksonville, FL | University of Kentucky

Taimy Cruz Hondares
Birmingham, AL | University of Alabama at Birmingham

Lisbet Diaz Linares
Crestview, FL | Temple University

Sara El-Sherbini
Fontana, CA | Loma Linda University

Lauren Geffen
Bayside, NY | Yale-New Haven

Mahta Hosseinkhani Hazaveh
Ottawa, ON | Rutgers

Yong Woo Jeon
Toronto, ON | University of Toledo

Gurvinder Kaur
Williamsburg, VA | Rutgers

Luana Lim
San Bernardino, CA | Loma Linda University

Jillian Muhlbauer
Annapolis, MD | Children's National Medical Center

Christopher Niu
San Gabriel, CA | Children's Wisconsin

Kristine Oladipo
Upper Marlboro, MD | NYU Langone

Sarah Park
North Dartmouth, MA | Boston University

Kathryn Pawlak
Hunter, NY | University of Buffalo

Megan Phillip
Kissimmee, FL | Howard University

Caitlin Pyle
Windham, NH | Tufts University

Stephanie Tran
Philadelphia, PA | Temple University

Soo Yoo
Jersey City, NJ | Montefiore Medical Center

A pass/fail decision is used to determine if an applicant can move forward in the certification process. ABPD believes that all applicants who successfully complete the examination should be recognized for their efforts. Therefore, the Pugh Award will be retired following the 2021 QE and no distinction will be given to any applicants based on their examination scores.