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The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) is pleased to introduce our newest appointed director, Dr. Brian Hodgson. He will serve on the Board of Directors for ABPD from 2021-2027. He completed his undergraduate and doctorate education at Marquette University. Dr. Hodgson is a decorated retired United States Naval Officer and after completing his Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in 1993, served in the U.S. Navy Reserves from 1993 until 2020. Dr. Hodgson has supported the mission of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry since pursuing his board certification. Prior to serving various roles with ABPD, he mentored many colleagues to achieve board certification, became a consultant examiner for the Oral Clinical Examination (OCE), and was selected as a member and ultimately chosen to be a Part Leader on the Oral Clinical Examination Subcommittee. Dr. Hodgson has been an educator to dental students and residents since 1993 at Marquette University and the Children’s Wisconsin Residency Program. In addition to teaching, Dr. Hodgson maintained a private practice for many years, authored many publications on a wide range of pediatric dental topics, and presented at national and international dental meetings.

On a personal note, Dr. Hodgson has three profound personality characteristics that are immediately evident. He is brilliant, genuinely cares for everyone present in his life, especially the children and adults with special health care needs he serves, and comprehensively fulfills every role in his life with gratitude and humility. Dr. Hodgson is an avid sailor and nutrition and health enthusiast. The Hodgson Family is talented and diverse in expertise. Dr. Hodgson’s wife Debbie is a Certified Public Accountant. Both his son and daughter graduated from Marquette University. Zach is a physical therapist, and Amanda is an officer of the law.

Dr. Hodgson has chosen to champion the “High-Quality Certification Process” aspect of the ABPD Strategic Plan. His timing is impeccable, as his tenure in leadership will capture the launch of the new ABPD Practice Analysis designed to enhance the examinations used in the board certification and renewal process. He will also spend his first year in leadership in the development and launch of the new ABPD Strategic Plan, and he will see the directed work through to fruition. Dr. Hodgson hit the ground running last spring and has already begun work to innovate the ABPD certification process to serve all its stakeholders.

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We welcome Dr. Hodgson to the Board of Directors who, together with the entire ABPD community, are committed to the mission of ABPD.  



E. LaRee Johnson, DDS, MS
Immediate Past President, ABPD 
Board Certified 2001
Raleigh, NC


Click here to see the article as it orginally appeared in the November 2021 issue of Pediatric Dentistry Today