In keeping with an increased demand for additional online Continuing Education, we are proud to release several new Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Modules. The modules are designed to meet rapidly changing science and technology head on, assisting Diplomates to provide the highest quality healthcare to patients. All CQIs may be found on your Diplomate Dashboard, under the LMS tab. A Diplomate may complete as many CQIs as they'd like in a given year.

The newest releases are:

Adverse considerations of Nitrous Oxide use
Nitrous oxide and Oxygen Analgesia is used frequently in Pediatric Dentistry. It is imperative that Pediatric Dentists understand, recognize and be able to negate the adverse effects.

Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate Essentials
Optimal care for patients with cleft lip and/or cleft palate is best provided by an interdisciplinary team of specialists; pediatric dentists are an important component of the team.

Identification of three distinct anomalies
This CQI involves three similar yet distinct cranio-facial anomalies. Do you know their characteristics?

The Hall Technique
A novel use for stainless steel crowns, is it a HALL of famer?

The Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) is a continuous, rolling process documenting achievement in four critical areas of pediatric dentistry. Completion of the four areas is required of Time-limited Diplomates and strongly recommended for Unlimited Diplomates. As part of ROC-P, Diplomates are required to complete two (2) CQI modules per year, and are awarded one (1) hour of Continuing Education credit for each module completed.