In October 2020, under the leadership of Dr. LaRee Johnson, ABPD created a DEI task force. In August of 2021, the ABPD board of directors voted to have the task force become a standing committee with the charge of establishing initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the ABPD organization. As the decision-making body for ABPD, the board of directors plays a critical role in leading the organization to prioritize, support, and invest in strategic initiatives. In October of 2023, ABPD hired The Diversity Movement, a consulting firm with extensive expertise in DEI, to assist ABPD in developing a DEI commitment statement, which is as follows:

Our Commitment Statement

The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) believes that every child, every adolescent, and every individual with special needs deserves quality care. ABPD’s commitment to excellence through a certification process that inspires lifelong learning enables pediatric dentists to deliver quality care for every individual. Intrinsically tied to its value a commitment to lifelong learning, ABPD acknowledges that it must continue to evolve and intentionally focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to deliver excellence and quality pediatric oral health care.

ABPD defines DEI as:

  • Diversity: A commitment to certifying pediatric dentists from varied backgrounds who respect the diversity of the patients, families, and communities they serve. Diversity includes (but is not limited to): different cultures, perspectives, abilities, racial and ethnic identities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, socioeconomics, geographies, religions, and ages
  • Equity: A commitment to administering a fair and valid examination and striving to provide the tools that may be needed by individuals based on their unique situation.
  • Inclusion: A commitment to listening and understanding in order to foster collaboration and build a safe and respectful environment, allowing for the participation of every individual in the board certification process.

How We’re Taking Action

  • Creating a DEI Committee
  • Facilitating an in-person DEI workshop for board and staff members
  • Establishing annual unconscious bias training for developers and examiners
  • Removing unnecessary identifiers, such as gender, in exam content
  • Beginning data collection

As an integral part of our values, ABPD affirms all pediatric dentists have equal opportunity to become and remain board certified, regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. Our ultimate goal is to promote positive oral health outcomes for all infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special health care needs, regardless of their gender, race, and socioeconomic status.

A Thank You to Our 2023 OCE Examiners

Homa Amini
Salwa Atwan
Paul Bahn, III
Deepali Bhanot
Mark Boone
Richard Burke
Glenn Canares
Maria-Jose Cervantes- Mendez
Willie Chao
Isabelle Chase
Clayton Cheung
Judith Chin
Elizabeth Chisholm David Ciesla
James Coll
Matthew Cooke
Yasmi Crystal
Jennifer Cully
Dedra Davis-Wallace
Vineet Dhar

Lauren DiBenedetto
Keri Discepolo
Neva Eklund Jasmine Elmore Shahrbanoo Fadavi Timothy Fagan
Lela Farmer
Zameera Fida
Shane Fisher Matthew Geneser Adi Genish
Edward Ginsberg Andrea Gonzales Kimberly Hammersmith Jennifer Hargleroad Dawn Harvey Graham Hearn Cynthia Hipp
Craig Hollander
Elsa Hui-Derksen Brian Hodgson


Autumn Hurd
Melina Ilief-Ala Conway Jensen
Erin Johnson
E. LaRee Johnson
Ajay Joshi
Jeffrey Kahl
Ramin Kashani
Bina Katechia
Carolyn Kerins
Priya Kothari
Reena Kuba
Ashley Lebak
Rochelle Lindemeyer
Jungyi Liu
Sally Sue Lombardi Cheen Loo
Manav Malik
Kelly Mansour AnnMarie Matusak Chanel McCreedy


Carol McKown Alton McWhorter Maritza Morell
Man Wai Ng
Robert Nieders
Scott Nieman Gregory Olson Elizabeth Palmer Dorothy Pang Shannon Parris Mitali Patel Kimberly Patterson Michael Rabinowitz Tricia Ray
Steve K. Rayes
Hans Reinemer Priyanshi Ritwik
Julie Russo
Tara Schafer
Scott Schwartz Sarita Shah John


Barbara Sheller
J C Shirley
Marc Siegel
Frank Sierra
Daniela Silva** Boyd Simkins Shera Sims
Bryan Skar Nuthyla Skuja Toddrick Smith
Julio Sotillo Rodriguez
Thomas Stark
Jacy Stauffer Deborah Studen-Pavlovich Michael Suchar Tracy Takenaka Thomas Tanbonliong Anupama Tate
Nora Tleel Joseph Tylka


Kaaren Vargas Elizabeth Velan Rajesh Vij Kavitha Viswanathan Puneet Wadhwa
Mitzi Wasden Michael Webb Theresa White Whitney Wignall
Cheryl Willett Anne Wilson Cynthia Wong Yu-Ju Yang Young Yi

** OCE Chair


Marcio Guelmann, DDS
President, ABPD
Board Certified 2006
Gainesville, FL

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