Oral Clinical Examination Preparation 

Examination Blueprint

OCE - Examination blue print graphic

Candidate Mock OCE Video

The mock video below represents a candidate that scores a 4, which demonstrates full and in-depth understanding of the case examined. 


Suggested Resources and References

  • Know the Oral Health Policies and Clinical Guidelines in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) Handbook
  • Read the Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry, AAPD, 2011
  • Attend the AAPD Comprehensive Review Course or take the DVD version
  • Attend the AAPD OCE Preparation Course
  • Review recent studies, clinical reports and articles
  • Review textbooks
  • OCE Sample Vignettes

Tips for preparing for the OCE:

  • Be systematic. Set aside time for study and reflection on a regular basis.
  • Realize that you will be expected to have knowledge about all eight topics. If there is an area you are less familiar with, spend more time on that area.
  • Talk with your colleagues regarding how they prepared.
  • Develop study teams or use a mentor or study partner to practice.
  • Use flashcards.

Tips for taking the OCE:

  • Use a systematic approach for each vignette.
  • Try to think of this as several new patients who you are evaluating for the first time in your practice.
  • Be confident, just as you would be when having discussions with parents or other medical professionals.
  • Remember: if you do not say it, it didn’t happen.