Renewal of Certification Process

Renewal Process

Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) is a continuous, rolling process documenting achievement in four critical areas of pediatric dentistry. Completion of the four areas is required of Time-limited Diplomates and strongly recommended for Unlimited Diplomates. The Renewal of Certification Process is designed to meet rapidly changing science and technology head on, assisting Diplomates to provide the highest quality healthcare to patients. 

All requirements are due annually by November 30th.  

Any Diplomate not fulfilling all annual requirements including having an active dental license, will be placed inactive until all requirements have been meet.   ‚Äč

Policy on Requirements

Annual requirements are due by November 30, Login to learn more about your requirements. The annual renewal cycle is from January 1 - November 30th annually. 

Continuing Education credits provided by ABPD may or may not be accepted by specific state licensing boards depending on each individual state's requirements.

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